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CFD Analysis and Consulting Services
Fluid Flow Modeling & CAD Dynamics Simulations

CADm Outsourcing offers CFD Analysis, CFD Modeling and Consulting services to solve a wide range of Fluid flow, Structural, Vibration and Thermal problems.

Our team carries out interfacing and mapping of CFD results and produce test planning, data processing, and post-test analysis. For this, we use fluid flow modeling software like ANSYS Design Modeler/Meshing, ANSYS CFX/Fluent, OpenFOAM, HYPERMESH, COMSOL, Abacus for accurate results.

CFD Analysis and Consulting Services

Our CFD Analysis services includes:

We help our clients to tackle complex fluid dynamic problems by using CFD engineering analysis, which deciphers complicated fluid dynamics equations to predict resultant flow fields. Our CFD analysis services help us to visualize different flow phenomena to understand and define a variety of structural loads acting on a product/body.

At CADm Outsourcing every CFD problem goes through a series of processes, which includes defining the problem, calculating and simplifying the problem, creating a computational mesh and flow simulation, processing simulation results and flow visualization, comparing and interpreting results, reporting and assessing the key points, and recommending and implementing design changes.

With our robust CFD Analysis and FEA consulting services we can take any type of project, ranging from small products to very large distributed simulations.

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